Rural Dionysia (2016)

Right off the bat for the new year is Rural Dionysia, which honors the god Dionysus. Below is what the site Temenos says about this holiday.

Festival in honor of Dionysos, simpler form of the City (Greater) Dionysia.  The Rural Dionysia was held during the winter in the month of Poseideon (roughly corresponding to December).   It was celebrated with a large procession in which men carried a phallus and cakes.  Revelers and singers were also a part of the procession.  A representation of the God was also included to represent His coming.  The festival also included stage comedies and the playing of lighthearted games.  Generally, it was a joyful festival, shared by all, even the slaves (Parke, pp 100-103).


Ways to celebrate in modern times:
Sing, dance, play games, attend or participate in a parade or comedic theater of some sorts.  Create phallic-shaped cakes for consumption and sacrifice.  Read The Archanians by Aristophanies, which provides a glimpse of the festival.  Display images and symbols of the God.  Recite Orphic Hymns 30 and 45, Homeric Hymns I, VII and XXVI (all to Dionysos), or even hymns of your own creation.


This is what Cara Schulz says about how she does things, which I think is great.

I celebrate the Rural Dionysia following immediately the Heliogenna lasting through January 1. I pack baskets with gifts of nuts, wine, silly games and gifts, and DVD’s of comedies. Then I deliver those baskets, not more than one a day or evening, to friends and family.  I spend the evening with the basket recipient and we eat the snacks, watch the DVDs, and drink the wine. We also play the silly games and laugh. You don’t have to give the DVDs, you could just bring over a bottle of wine and a DVD from your collection or a netflix. That’s how I celebrate it since that is pretty close (in spirit) to what the Rural Dionysia was all about.  The religious aspects I do in private.


Have a good one and my the wine god bless you.


Sacrifices to Zeus Horios (2015)

Tonight I burn incense and give Zeus Horios his due. Zeus Horios was responsible for oaths and liars had to give to the temple of Zeus. So I view tonight as a good night to give oaths to the gods. On another note I did manage to get some incense that was burned to him. That took time and effort but worth it. I hope that you have a good one and may Zeus bless you.

Full Moon (December 2015)

Tonight, at sundown, will be the Full Moon. It will be a time to honor Athena, Artemis, and Hecate. Today is also Christmas, which I’m so excited about. Looking forward to getting Christmas presents and spending time with family. I’m going to be giving some of my food to the gods in thanks for all the things that they have given me during the year.

Have a blessed Full Moon and a wonderful Christmas.

Poseideia (2015)

Today I honored Poseideia, which honors Poseidon. I burned some incense that I bought last week and gave Poseidon offerings and poured libations. It’s been a warm winter, so far, but I couldn’t go out and do my ritual due to the fact that it was raining. I’m so not getting struck my lightning. I hope that you had a good one and may Poseidon bless you and watch over you.

Athenian Month of Poseidon Begins

Tonight, at sundown, the Athenian month of Poseidon begins. This is a list of Hellenic holidays that is taking place this month. Enjoy and have a wonderful Hellenic month of Poseidon.

December 12: Nourmia

December 13: Agathos Daemon

December 14: Honoring Athena

December 15:  Honoring Aphrodite, Hermes, Hercules, Eros.

December 17: Honoring Artemis.

December 18: Honoring Apollo.

December 19: Honoring Poseidon and Theseus

December 23: Poseideia

December 25: Christmas, Full Moon (Honoring Selene, Artemis, and Hecate)

December 27: Sacrifices to Zeus Horios

January 1: New Years Day, Rural Dionysia

January 6: Haloa

January 9: During the day, before Sundown, Libations to Hera.

Have a good month and gods bless.

Libations to Dionysus (2015)

Today we pour our libations to Dionysus. The libations don’t require you to wait until sundown to do them. These are daytime libations and not bounded by any Hellenic calendar. Dionysus is the god of the vine and the son of Zeus. This libation is also the last one of the regular, non-Hellenic, year and I hope that your non-Hellenic year has been good.

I know that mine has been so-so.

Hena Kai Nea (New Moon, December 2015)

Tonight, at sundown, is the last New Moon of 2015. We honor Hecate and clean our spaces and, if we live alone, our homes. We don’t go out during this night as Hecate isn’t in a protective mood. She’s riding the Wild Hunt and leading the souls of those that haven’t received justice. A great night that I’m looking forward to. Have a good one and a blessed night.

Pompaia (2015)

Tonight, at sundown, will be Pompaia. The only festival that takes place during this month. It’s to honor Zeus Meilikhos, which is the underworld aspect of Zeus. He’s seen as a snake but it’s not the same as Agathos Daemon. Pour whatever you have in his honor and have a great festival.

Buying a label and Cards

Over the weekend I bought a candle labeled that had the twelve gods and two prayer cards to Artemis and Apollo. I’m going to be using them in my daily rituals. The candle label will be serving as my image of the twelve gods, which I think is good for someone like me that don’t have a ton of money. On the eleventh I’m getting some Athena incense to burn when it’s her holiday or holy day.

I will be showing them off when I get them.

New Section of the Blog

To keep myself from going insane I’ve created a new section of this blog that will list all the Libations and what month that god, or goddess, is honored. This month we are on Dionysus and so his ritual will be there. It’s to make things better for everyone.